Orlando Custom Home Design Center

One of the most exciting stages of having your own custom home built with Budron Homes is the process of choosing the amazing features of your new home. A gorgeously appointed interior, as well as, a striking exterior help make your home an expression of your own exceptional and individual creativity.

Take into account your family’s daily activities, hobbies, and work; the kind of entertaining you do, and your family’s holiday traditions.

With many decisions to make regarding the concept and design of your home, we’ve published an extensive collection of custom home photo gallery to help fuel your imaginations. If you’re ready to start planning your new custom home, email us today at [email protected] or call 407-347-0701.

Standard Features

Each home plans includes a substantial number of standard features. Please review this information carefully to prevent any misunderstandings about which features are included in the base price of your new home.

Optional Features

Based on feedback from our customers, Budron Homes has developed a list of the most popular options that are available for your home plans. This list is updated regularly based on feedback from our clients. Our options list is organized by components: cabinet, electrical, floor covering, plumbing, and so on.

Custom Features

Think, dream, imagine and look at all available custom features. The possibilities for your new home far exceed the popular ideas we suggest on our options list. In addition to the available options, you may have custom features you want us to consider incorporating into your new home. We will assist you in any way we can to make these decisions as early as possible.

Selection Hints

Budron Homes provides you with selection sheets that list the choices you need to make. Schedule time to visit both our design center and our suppliers’ showrooms if you wish, to make your selections as soon as possible. Plan to finalize your selections within 30 days of signing the agreement or as early as possible.

Informed Choices

We recommend that you review the maintenance tasks and warranty guidelines prior to making your selection decisions.

Be Thorough

Our selection sheets are very detailed. All blanks must be filled completely. Costly errors arise from assumptions and incomplete selection sheets. Double check all color numbers and names before signing and dating each page.


Costs of decorating choices and other work based on allowance that exceeds the specified allowances, such as those for floor coverings, countertops, or light fixtures, sitework, landscaping, etc. will require additional payment per calculations in the form of a change order.