5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Lot For Your Custom Home

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One of the things that makes a custom home truly great is the land it’s built on. Make sure when you begin to build investigate lots to build on in Orlando, don’t settle for anything less when it comes to the lot where your custom home will be built.

Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret that location is touted as one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing or building a custom home, and for good reason. Location is important because the proximity of your lot to other landmarks is a primary factor. Your main concern should be the distance of your lot from unfavorable locations such as near highways and other busy roadways, noisy establishments such as construction sites, airports, train tracks, and places like sewage treatment plants and landfills. At the same time, make sure to consider the closeness of your lot to schools, your workplace, churches, grocery stores and retail outlets, and health care services.

Go a step further by investigating the school systems near a potential lot. The quality of schools near a lot as well as proximity to parks and recreational spaces can affect the future resale value of your home.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to finding and purchasing a lot to construct your custom home on, size is an important factor to consider. Naturally, the size of your lot will contribute to its value as the years go by, but that’s not the only reason that size matters. Finding a lot with plenty of room will give your builder ample space to construct the home according to your specifications. When searching for lots in Orlando, also remember to keep in mind other features you may wish to have beyond the home itself, such as a pool, a deck, a tennis court, a garden, etc.

Lastly a sizable lot can act as a buffer, providing some much needed breathing room between your home and a neighbor’s home, as well as factors like noise and the headlights of traffic from nearby roads.


Sun Up to Sun Down

The orientation of a lot in regards to the sun is another important characteristic to keep in mind as this will determine which rooms in your custom home receive natural light and at what times during the day. Many homes are constructed with communal living spaces, like the kitchen and family room, towards the back of the home. If this is the case in the design of your custom home, you will want the back of your lot to face the south so it receives ample amounts of natural light throughout the day. Exposure to sun through windows can also play a significant role in determining the cost of heating and cooling your custom home during different seasons. This is of the utmost importance when designing your floor plan, especially the size and placement of windows. The amount of sunlight a plot of land receives can also affect landscape design. For example, if you dream of having a beautiful backyard garden, make sure the back of your lot receives plenty of sunlight.


Although Florida, and more specifically the Orlando area, is not known for having much variation in elevation, the slope of a lot is still an important factor to consider. If there is any significant slope to a parcel of land, this could mean having to spend a considerable amount more when constructing a custom home. Homes built on a slope often require special additional measures to secure the foundation, such as retaining walls, more backfill, and other things.

However, despite added costs, building on a slope does have its advantages. Constructing your home at the top of a slope can give you access to stunning views of surrounding areas and could potentially give you the option of including a walk-out basement in your home’s design. Due to Central Florida’s mostly level elevation, such features are rare and could add considerable value to your home.


If you’re searching for the perfect lot within a subdivision, there are some special factors to consider. Make sure to research any taxes or fees that a subdivision might incur on homeowners. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the Homeowner’s Association, if one exists. HOA may have specials parameters that homeowners must follow when building a custom home, such as minimum size, garage layout, style, colors, landscaping, etc. Beyond that, research the advantages and disadvantages of different locations within the subdivision. For instance, being close to the entrance might mean a lower price and faster access, but it will likely also result in added traffic and noise. Lots at a T-intersection or facing any oncoming traffic will be exposed to headlights from cars at night. Consider visiting a potential site at different times during the day to get a well rounded feel for what you can expect if you build your home there.

There are so many important elements to consider when choosing a lot to build your custom home on. In many ways, these features will be no less pivotal to your happiness as a homeowner than the home itself. As with any process involved with building a home, make sure to take your time, do your research, and don’t settle for anything less than your dream home.

Follow these tips and feel free to speak with one of the best custom home builders in Orlando, Budron Homes, about any questions you may have. Budron Homes is here to serve you and make sure your custom home is the home of your dreams. Call us today at (407) 347-0701 for a free consultation. Budron Homes is rated A+ with the BBB of Central Florida and is a 2015 Parade of Homes winner.