Quality New Custom Homes in Orlando, FL

Your new home will be designed to integrate your ideas, your tastes, and your dreams into reality. Our approach is to fashion each home on an individual basis: by first creating a portrait of your lifestyle and then a living space that reflects your personality. We articulate ideas consistent with what you have in mind and present other options to enhance the beauty and value of your new home. The end result is a home that is as unique and as special as you are.

Budron Homes offers a full range of construction services, from new construction, additions, renovations, and outdoor living. We offer the flexibility of a turn-key and construction management.

We specialize in building luxury custom homes in the Central Florida Area. Whether you want a large home that feels luxurious and unforgettable at every angle or interested in a sleek, modern exterior that’s as unique as your own personality, we come to the table with decades of experience in bringing your dreams to life.

You may select one of our extensive home plans library and choose standard modifications. You can also select elements from different home plans or we can customize a home plan that completely designed to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. We want to build a home we’re proud to build and a home you are proud to own.

If you’re ready to start planning your new custom home, email us at [email protected] or call us at 407-347-0701.


Site Selection and Development

We can assist in the selection of your building site or begin a custom design on a lot you presently own. Our homes are tailored to their exterior surroundings in order to maximize light and views. Proper integration of your home with its surroundings facilitates the enjoyment of nature, increases the usefulness of outdoor spaces, and optimizes natural heating, cooling and ventilation of your new home.
We specialize in the creation of unique custom homes, tailored to your specific needs. Budron Homes provides architectural, construction and other professional services for your new home:

Architectural Design

After a detailed analysis of your specific needs, your home is designed around your dreams and your budget. We design plans that are inventive and exciting, yet practical. We estimate the actual cost of your home, and make appropriate additions and deletions, as you request. We produce professionally engineered plans for your new home. A home that is aesthetically, emotionally, functionally and economically satisfying. Our method of design and material selection allows you to control individual items important to you.

Construction Management and Supervision

Our construction standards are of the highest quality and will please the most discriminating buyer. Our chosen subcontractors are respected for their building skills and their professionalism. We value the long term relationships that we have developed with these tradesmen. They are well aware of our commitment to quality. The result is a home crafted with pride and attention to detail. We strive to achieve a high degree of client satisfaction during the construction process.

Additional Services Offered

– Guidance in financing for land acquisition and/or construction.
– Finding your building site.
– Landscape design.
– Interior design.
– Home office networking and home theater concepts.

Budron Homes ADVANTAGE

We asked our clients why they decided to use Budron Homes and what distinguished us from other builders. Here is some of what they had to say:

– You were highly recommended and we are very impressed with your operation and business ethics.

– We have found your work to be of high quality and were pleased to learn of your personal and professional involvement with your clients.

High Comfort Level

It is essential to feel comfortable with your builder. Budron Homes places a great deal of importance on creating a builder-client environment that is comfortable and friendly so that you can approach us for anything at any time. Our goal is to build each home as if we are building it for ourselves in a professional but yet personal way. A home we are proud to build. A home you are proud to own.

Team Work Effort

Capturing the spirits of your vision, Budron Homes can craft your dreams into fabulous realism. Let your imaginations soar. No amenity is out of reach when selecting Budron Homes as your builder. We have established a great team of specialists in every field to ensure that your wishes come to life with marvelous luxuries. Building a home is a series of complex tasks requiring specialized trades. Our tradesmen are hand picked specialists selected for their quality of work and reliability.

Building a home is complicated and time consuming. It requires experience in coordination of trades, obtaining permits, complying with building codes and ordinances, selecting materials and components, etc. Budron Homes makes building your new home simpler and we try to make it enjoyable experience for you.

Extensive Experiences

Budron Homes has built quality custom homes for decades. We know what works and what does not. You benefit from that experience when you choose Budron Homes as your builder.

High Quality Materials

We only use high quality construction material and we deal with the finest names in the industry including Kohler, Jacuzzi, Viking, Kitchen Aid, Corian, Grohe, and more.

Outstanding Designs

You can’t help to immediately notice the difference that our designs make. From the elegant entryway to the backyard, quality built throughout with stylish archways, crown molding and ceiling designs that augment your elegantly appointed rooms. Let your imaginations go wild! With Budron Homes, our architects, engineers and designers will work to plan a pleasantly livable home that exceeds your expectations. Outstanding homes start with outstanding designs. Budron Homes tailors your homes to your specific needs using all of our resources to ensure that the house is both aesthetic and functional. We work with interior designers to ensure that each room size, layout, lighting and colors are coordinated properly. We work with landscape architects to maximize site opportunities and preserve its natural beauty. All to satisfy your fancy to be pampered and to enjoy your new home to the fullest extent possible.

Superior Organization

It takes special management skills to keep the length and complicated process of building a house moving smoothly and on time. We’ve gone to great lengths to implementing the latest technology and computerized systems to make that possible. Client files, electronic and hard-copy, are created for each project to keep documents and information within easy reach for our clients and our staff at any time through our secured website. We also use the most advanced construction scheduling to keep track of all activities, eliminate unreasonable delays, and minimize construction finance charges.

Excellent Communication

Communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We appreciate that our clients need to know project status and budget. We clarify to our clients when they need to make selections, how to request changes, etc. Our clients would be able at their leisure to view pictures of their dream home under construction and check progress report for updates on their own webpage at our website in the comfort of their home. Pictures and information get automatically updated on regular basis for your use. To facilitate correspondence and communication, our clients can communicate with our staff seamlessly through our website without delay. This saves our clients time and money with higher level of service and satisfaction.

Highest Value

We value the fact that a home is the largest single investment most people make in their lifetime. We make every effort to ensure that this investment is secure and yields the highest possible value. It has been traditional for our homes to consistently appreciate at rates that exceed those of other builders. Often, the home value is higher than our client’s cost even before final completion.

Protecting the Environment

We build our homes in a way that will have a minimum impact on the environment, such as cutting as few trees as possible, minimizing erosion, and preserving site’s natural beauty. Our homes are designed to save energy, with high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, state-of-the-art appliances, upgraded insulation, and minimum air infiltration. This saves our clients money and also helps protect the environment.

Budron Homes is successful because we care about our clients and the community. We are committed to satisfying our clients by providing them with the highest possible quality at the best possible price. This has been proven very successful for us as well as for our clients. If you are ready to start building your dream home or if you are just exploring the idea, we would like the opportunity to show you how you can live in a home that most people only dream about. A home that is as special as you and worthy to be acclaimed by the artist in you. Thank you for taking interest in what Budron Homes has to offer. We sincerely like to be your builder!