Some of the most advanced features of today’s custom homes reside in the kitchen, and we love creating kitchens that invite you to take a seat while also giving you the high end finishes and modern appliances that make a kitchen look amazing. We’ve helped design many kitchens in our decades of experience in building custom homes, and we invite you to take a look through some of our favorite custom kitchen pictures.

Kitchens are often where companies put their creativity, inventions, and new products, and today’s kitchens are a beautiful merging of high-tech features and multifunctional designs. Today’s kitchens offer extraordinary convenience while also embodying the architectural style and theme of your custom home.

As you’ll see from our new home kitchen photos, many homeowners today choose materials like food-safe bamboo parquet for food prep areas. Common features also include environmentally responsible materials that look beautiful while also offering your family a safe place to eat without chemicals, preservatives, and off-gassing.

Our new kitchens are also enhanced with unique features like industrial appliances, and machines that optimize use of water and electricity. You won’t find electricity-hogging appliances in the beautiful kitchens built by Budron Homes. We help you choose appliances that are environmentally-friendly and help keep your family safe while working efficiently.

Granite, Quarts, Marble, Concrete Countertops & More

Our new home kitchen photos will also give you ideas on the layout of your family’s space. Consider infusing your kitchen with convenient elements like double sinks for better efficiency, or a stove that makes use of islands and is separate from the ovens, so that you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes when you’ve got multiple cooks in the kitchen. And don’t forget the fun of choosing a material for your countertops and the decorative features like floors, molding, and lighting accents.

Whether you want a classic French Country kitchen, or you’re interested in a sleek, industrial style that’s modern and efficient, we can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Are you ready to start designing your new custom home with a fabulous kitchen? Call us at (407)-347-0701 or send us an email at [email protected].