Some of the best features of today’s homes are the entertainment rooms with their surround sound systems, huge flat screen televisions, and creative lighting fit for a night at the theater. Our new home entertainment room pictures will give you just a taste of the inspired styles and designs from Budron Homes.

We can take your rec room in almost any direction you desire. Do you want a cozy space where the family can get together to watch movies and enjoy pizza and popcorn? We can design a spectacular modern entertainment room with plush seats and ottomans where it doesn’t feel like you’re just watching TV, but that you’ve just bought a ticket at the most comfortable movie theater ever conceived.

New Home Entertainment Room Pictures

One of the challenges we face when designing an entertainment room is combining the features of a traditional home with the contemporary features of a room that’s full of electronics and high-tech goodies. The room’s architecture may conceal the entertainment center until it’s show time, or you may choose to throw caution to the wind and combine modern elements alongside traditional arches, columns, molding, and lighting.

Maybe you’d like add some gaming features to your rec room like a pool table or even a foosball table. One of the neatest features of today’s rec rooms is that they don’t need to look like that messy space in which you used to hang out with friends in while attending college. Some of the beautiful pool tables for your entertainment room feature a style that looks comfortable in even the most luxurious of spaces.

Billiards, Bars, Games & More

Whether your new entertainment room will sit upstairs like a trendy loft space or whether you’re looking to put a rec room in a finished basement, we’ll help you decide on features, size, and style. Take a look at our custom home rec room photos and give us a call at (407)-347-0701 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your ideas for an awesome entertainment room in your beautiful new custom home.