How to Choose an Orlando Home Builder

Nothing is more exciting than embarking on the creation of and building the home of your dreams.  As homeowner-to-be in Orlando, you’ll need to make many important decisions in the days and weeks during the homebuilding process. One of the core choices you’ll be faced with on the outset is selecting the ideal custom home builder. The question is, how does it work? By explaining which questions to ask and what warning signs to look for, it’s our hope this article will point you in the right direction.

However, if you still have questions about selecting the perfect home builder for your project, the experienced construction professionals at Budron Homes are happy to offer a free consultation and provide you with all the information you need. In the meantime, you might also be interested in reading our article explaining the differences between custom home builders and production builders.

6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Custom Home Builder

Most people won’t even dine at a restaurant or order a book on Amazon without reading customer reviews beforehand. Wouldn’t you approach the major financial investment of home building, in which you and your family will be spending years or even decades of your life, with the same degree of caution? We know you can’t wait until moving day, but just keep reminding yourself: it is critically important to go slow, do your homework, and understand the process.

One of the best ways is to call around different home builders, ask them the same set of questions, and then compare their answers against your personal goals and priorities for your project. That way, you can more easily figure out what company is the best match with you and your family. Here are some good questions to consider asking when you’re comparing custom home builders.

1. How many years of experience do you have? Experience may not be everything. Talent, innovation, efficiency, affordability, and responsiveness to the customer are all important also, and it’s wise to choose a home builder who possesses in-depth practical knowledge relevant to the type of project you’re envisioning. The construction team at Budron Homes has been helping Florida residents build their dream homes for more than 20 years and we are proud to say we embody all of the qualities above.

2. Are you licensed and insured? It is crucial to confirm that your potential builder has the appropriate professional qualifications necessary to handle your project safely and legally.

3. Do you have any model homes I can tour? Pictures on websites can be deceiving. If you can, you should request a physical walk-through so that you can see the home builder’s work in person and make a judgment for yourself.

4. How is pricing determined and what sort of approximate costs can I expect? Like any industry, the home construction business has a few unethical companies who deliberately overcharge their clients. If one company’s prices are significantly higher than all of their competitors, you’ll probably want to steer clear. On a related note, you might also want to ask roughly how long your project will take to complete.

5. What sorts of features come standard? What about upgrades and optional features? Asking these questions at the outset will help you avoid disappointment down the road.

6. What sort of procedures do you follow for inspections and the final walk-through? A good home builder will be there to ensure quality construction and compliance with local building codes from start to finish.

5 Red Flags To Watch Out For

Unfortunately for consumers, some home builders deliberately sacrifice construction quality in the interest of maximizing their profits. If you’ve noticed any of the following red flags while interviewing possible contractors, you should strongly consider excluding the builder from any further consideration.

1. They refuse to work within your budget. While it’s not always possible to shrink every cost, a good home builder will make creative efforts to stay well within your budget. If a potential builder is pushing you to spend more than you’re comfortable with, or to pay for features you don’t really want or need, run in the opposite direction.

2. They get defensive or evasive when you ask questions. A knowledgeable, high-quality home builder will get excited about answering your questions and meeting construction challenges head-on. If a builder is vague on details or gets irritated by your questions, look elsewhere.

3. They insist on receiving payment upfront. Once you pay, how can you be certain you’ll get the quality product you were promised?

4. Their prices are much higher – or lower – than those of area contractors offering similar services. If a home builder is significantly overcharging or undercharging, you can be nearly certain that something is amiss with their business model.

5. They have a bad attitude or make you uncomfortable. Depending on the level of customization involved in your project, you could be working with this person for half a year or longer. If anything about the home builder clashes with your personality, triggers a bad feeling, or makes you in any way nervous or doubtful, don’t think twice about choosing someone else. Always listen to your gut, even if you feel silly for worrying. This is your home, not the builders. The right builder should make your project pleasant and easy as it progresses.

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner and know exactly what you want, or are buying a property for the very first time and aren’t quite sure how to begin, you can depend on the friendly home building experts at Budron Homes to provide you with a clear, detailed, and transparent breakdown of your project. Call us today at (407) 347-0701 to get a free consultation and estimate.