As part of our commitment to quality customer service, we’ve developed one of the best home warranty programs for a home builder in Orlando to provide you with a peace of mind. Your new home is constructed of many different materials such as concrete and wood which are subjected to constant expansion and contraction on a day-to-day and even a season-to-season basis. This will result in warping of wood materials and cracks in concrete, mortar, drywall, stucco, ceramic tile, etc. These effects will usually be most obvious during the first year after the home was constructed. Many of these effects can be minimized by maintaining a constant temperature in your home. This will allow the components of your home to dry more evenly and will not cause the same components to expand and contract as much. Minor cracks and displacement of wood are normal and should be expected. They are considered a normal part of the aging process of your new home and do not affect the structural integrity of the home.

By taking the time to understand how to care for the features in your new home you can prevent costly repairs and possibly premature replacement. As a homeowner, you are required to perform regular preventive maintenance in order to keep your dream home looking beautiful and preserve its value with these helpful tips and suggestions:

What is covered in my one year warranty?

Budron Homes covers all of the building components of your home for 1 year from closing date.

Are my appliances covered through Budron Homes?

All your appliances are warranted through the manufacturer. If problems arise with one of your appliances, please contact your appliance manufacturer directly. Refer to appliance manufacturer contacts below:

Appliance Manufacturer Contacts:
General Electric        1-800-432-2737
Whirlpool                  1-800-332-3324
KitchenAid                1-800-332-3324
Jenn-Air                    1-800-688-1100