What is a custom home builder?

A custom home builder allows you to make the choices on what features and products you want in your home. With a custom home builder, you’re not limited to any particular style or color, and you can choose whatever you want to get the home of your dreams.

Does it matter how long a builder has been in business?
It’s comforting to know that your builder has been in business for a while. With Budron Homes, you benefit from over a quarter century of company history with over one hundred years of combined personnel experience.

What is included in my home?

Included in your agreement with Budron Homes is a document called “Scope of Work and Construction Specifications.” This agreement states exactly what is included and what is excluded.

How much money do I need to start?
Most builders require a down payment somewhere between 5% to 20%. Lending institutions also require a cash reserve in a bank account as part of their mortgage agreement, and you’ll want to contact your lending agent for more information. We’ll also happily refer you to lenders we’ve worked with in the past.

What about Financing?

If you require financing, you can contact any bank loan department and request information on construction loans. Construction loans typically disperse a percentage of the loan amount based on completed work. These percentages are called draws, and most institutions have five to ten draws. Each draw is preceded by a bank inspection to verify the percentage of completion.

What about a building lot?
If you already have a lot, you’re one step closer to your new home. If you’re still looking or interested in finding the perfect place to build, we can help you. Purchase one of our lots, or allow us to assist you in finding the right lot for your new house.

What about Blueprints?
One of the advantages you have with Budron Homes is that we can cover absolutely every step in the custom home experience from concept to delivery. By working closely with you during the design of your new home, we can help make sure the final product incorporates each of the design elements you require, making your house a truly custom and comfortable home.

What should I consider when selecting my home plans?
Decide on the size of your home according to your specific family needs. Here are some of the necessary rooms you’ll want to consider:

  • How many Bedrooms, as well as their sizes
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Kitchen size and pantry space
  • Formal rooms required, such as dining, living, etc.
  • Recreational rooms, such as media room, game room, home office, study, exercise room, etc.
  • Garage space and storage

What is the best way to find community information?

There are many ways to find community information. You’ll want to conduct an internet search for information from the town’s city council or tourist board, and visiting the community where you want to live is even better. Often, many communities provide a summary of such information for your use, such as shopping, recreation, schools and parks, as well as any other points of interest.