Over the past decade, “going green” has grown into more than just a trend. For many people, it’s become a way of life, and for good reason. Not only are eco-friendly products good for the environment, they can also be good for your wallet, potentially earning you tax incentives or saving you money on your energy bills. For both of these reasons, businesses in all types of industries are now offering a wider selection than ever before of products and services designed with energy efficiency in mind. The home construction industry is no exception, and Budron Homes has evolved to keep pace. Our experienced staff make every effort to protect and sustain Florida’s lush natural beauty in order to help give our clients the most ecologically (and economically) friendly home-owning experience possible.

Going Green with Budron Homes: How We Protect the Environment

At Budron Homes, preserving the environment is a process that begins well before the foundation is poured. From the very outset of the home construction process, we make careful calculations that allow us to use as little timber as possible while still ensuring a finished home that is beautiful to behold and structurally sound to inhabit. In addition to cutting down as few trees as possible, we also take measures to reduce soil erosion in order to keep any disturbance of the natural environment to a bare minimum.

Next, moving into the construction stage, we take a number of steps to continue our commitment to reducing your dream home’s impact on the environment. To provide just a few examples, our staff will:

  • Recommend and help you compare a range of eco-friendly options for home appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators.
  • Outfit your bathroom and kitchen with appliances and products that minimize your water usage, and in turn, your water bill. Examples include low-flow showerheads, water-saving faucets, and multi-setting toilets.
  • Educate you about the pros and cons of various eco-friendly building materials, such as bamboo and recycled materials.
  • Install high-efficiency windows and insulation, so that your house doesn’t have to work any harder than necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature. Not only will you save on your energy bill, you’ll also pay less in maintenance costs over time.

7 Easy Tips to Make Your New House Eco-Friendly

Once construction has been completed and you’re comfortably settled into the space, you can continue to make (and keep) your new home environmentally friendly by taking some quick, easy, and affordable steps. Here are seven simple tips to maximize your home’s energy efficiency – not to mention save yourself some cash in the process. Who knows what you could treat yourself to with that extra money? Perhaps a family trip to Disney World? That surprise gift you’ve been eyeballing for your spouse? It’s up to you.

1. Replace incandescent light Bulbs with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs. The average CFL lifespan is about 8,000 hours compared to just 1,200 hours for incandescent bulbs.

2. Always turn off lights you aren’t using. If you tend to be a little absentminded about this, you can switch to sensor-activated lights. On a similar note, you should also…

3. Unplug cords to appliances you aren’t using. Believe it or not, appliances can suck up energy even when they’re in standby mode.

4. Keep your blinds or curtains open. Florida is famous for its sunshine – take advantage of it! Not only does natural light look nice and reduce your electricity bill, it’s actually good for you. In healthy moderation, exposure to sunlight encourages your body to produce Vitamin D. If you’re worried about privacy, consider frosted glass or cube glass as an option.

5. Fill your home with plants. Florida’s hot, humid climate produces a remarkable rainbow of vibrant flowers. In addition to perking up any room with a dash of pleasing color, plants also function like air filters, absorbing pollutants that can radiate from manmade products like carpets and electronics. Just make sure to exclusively purchase pet-safe plants if you have a cat or dog.

6. Locate your refrigerator strategically. If your fridge is located in the sunniest corner of your kitchen, it will constantly be working harder to keep its contents cool. By placing your fridge on the shady side of the room, you can reduce associated energy costs.

7. Use a microwave (when it won’t ruin the food). Did you know that microwaves use only about half as much energy as a conventional oven?

At Budron Homes, we share our clients’ passion for preserving Florida’s stunning natural beauty. If going green is one of your priorities as a new homeowner, Budron Homes is the builder for you. Not convinced yet? We invite you to call us at (407) 347-0701 for a friendly free estimate. We proudly serve communities in Greater Orlando and Central Florida.